An easy source for perdiem information.

This site takes the GSA per diem database and presents it in a manner that is easy to search (manually or with a search engine). It also allows you to search off the table by matching cities with counties, which is a a major benefit for those who travel to smaller places.

Data contained herein is downloaded from the appropriate agencies: CONUS rates are set by the GSA. OCONUS rates are set by the DoD. Foreign rates are set by the State Department. The rates are are set every fiscal year, effective October 1.

The latest FY in the database is: 2015

This site is for information only, for further information please visit the authority on the subject: The GSA

News & Updates

2015 is now online!

We just added 2015 conus and oconus rates.

All cities in special rate areas online.

We recently added cities and towns in counties with higher per deim rates than the standard.